Monday, November 20, 2017

Closing Date

We finally got a closing date of the 29th.  So just a week and a half left.

I've been busy packing in the house.  Most rooms are packed up, except the essentials we still need.

Mike on the other hand.....well let's just say I hope he works well under pressure! He got a small start on the garage and that's about it.  He'll be home early all this week since it's the Thanksgiving holiday week and will be working on getting the garage packed up.  We also got a Uhaul truck lined up to be picked up next Monday afternoon -- feels real now! 9 days to go!

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Taking Down the Playset (11/14/17)

Mike took the playset in the backyard down tonight.  It's looking a little empty and sad!

Appraisal is DONE! (11/14/17)

We got word this afternoon that the appraisal has been done and came back just fine!!!!  What a relief!  We can now move forward and get all the packing done and be ready to move to our new house!  We still don't know the closing date but should find out in the next day or so, and they are still hoping for next week-before Thanksgiving!  Yay I'm so relived that part is done and I can be happy to pack and this is really happening!!

Still Waiting (11/14/17)

It's been nearly 2 weeks since the appraisal has been done and we still have not heard the results and set a closing date yet.  It's officially too late in the process to get that info and still close on the original date of 11/17/17.  Our realtor talked to the appraiser this past Friday and he said he'd have it done that day or on Monday - it's Tuesday now with still no answers.  I'm beyond frustrated!

I'm hesitant to pack because I'm afraid that the appraisal doesn't come in for enough and we have to cancel the sale.  I don't want to unpack, how sad!  Obviously there's a good chance it'll be just fine but this whole process hasn't been all that easy so I'm not ready to just trust the process and pack it all up.  We did hear from our buyers bank that they are just waiting for the appraisal and then can set the closing date and everything else is pretty much ready.  This also worries me....we could find out and only have a few days to pack!  I have packed a lot already, but there's still a lot to pack and Mike hasn't even touched the garage yet.  

It's been a total roller-coaster, I've been so frustrated and stressed.  I know we could find out any minute about the appraisal and the closing date and my mood will immediately shift, but until then the days just keep ticking by with nothing.  I'm ready -- Lets do this!!!

The New Appraisal (11/2/17)

Today the appraisal was done on our house.  Now we wait impatiently for the results and the confirmed closing date.

The Inspection (10/25/17)

Today we had the inspection completed on our house.  All was good, just a few small things that Mike could fix.  The radon test came back good.  Now the next step is the appraisal.

New Offer (10/22/17)

On Sunday evening we received an offer!  It was very similar to our first offer, we countered and all accepted.  Whew! What a relief to not have to put the house back on the market.  The buyers are motivated and would be ok with the same 11/17/17 closing date if the bank can make it work with the tight timeline, but 11/30/17 "or sooner if possible" was put in the purchase agreement as the new closing date.